15 Tips to Boost App Installs in December!

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Last year, a colleague followed a webinar in December with some clever tips for improving your app installs during the Christmas season. This year, we have combined our new, as well as old information to bring back the Christmas feeling, and to make sure that you make the best out of these dark nights. The way we can end 2018 with a bang!


By tackling topics such as keyword search optimization, Christmas in-app purchases, and A/B testing, we can help you boost your mobile app installs up to + 40%! Read our updated top 15 tips for December tis to improve your app installs:

# 1: Keyword Optimization

To stay up to date, it is vital that you investigate which holiday related research search terms are popular at the moment. Apple Search Ads offers an attractive and easy tool to help you optimize your keyword search options (read more about this in our Apple Search Ads blog). Think of terms such as "Christmas games", "bad Christmas sweaters", "Christmas shopping", or "NYE 2018" etc. In order to ensure that these terms are also picked up by search engines, these keywords must also be reflected in your metadata, or sample texts. You can also check Google Trends to find the more up-to-date and popular searches.

# 2: Pimp your Icon

It has been proven time and time again that people are visually oriented in regards to online marketing.Thus, the app icon in the app store is vitally important; it is the business card of the app; an important first impression.

"Optimizing your icon can lead to an increase of no less than 47% in conversions." Make sure that the icon is high definition and the correct size, and that you do not change it too much; it is important that the icon is still recognizable. Which brings us to # 3.


# 3: Update your Creatives

Make sure that your app, as well as the accompanying visuals fit with the look of your app, as well as high quality. Also be sure to consider what the consumer would like to see in your app, and what will trigger them to perform an action, which is ultimately the main goal. The best results were measured with the first and second visible screenshots updated in a Christmas-related way.

# 4: Relevant app metadata = important

The small blurb that summarizes your app, and needs to grab the attention of consumers. The metadata is often the tipping point for a large number of consumers, helping them make up their mind whether they will install the app or not. Try different metadata texts, and carefully analyse the results that come from these tests so that you implement the best converting one. While grabbing the attention is important, keep in mind that your content needs to remain relevant in order for your CTR to remain high.

# 5: Bring warmth to the cold days

December is a cold month, but the holidays are there to make it warm. The emphasis is often placed on family and friends with Christmas and New Year’s Eve in one month. A warm, crackling fireplace, Christmas lights, and red, green, and white colored presents already provide the Christmas spirit. These three colors already result in an increase of 15% in installs. Make sure that the December warmth comes across through your creatives and icons, and enjoy an increase!

# 6: Promote special in-app purchases

The month December focuses on lots of sharing; sharing love, gifts, joy, wishes, and so on. While the focus may lie on giving, people still love nothing more than to also receive. Therefore it is smart to share extra rewards for the returning users. These can be in the form of added in-app purchases (extra lives, bonus items, upgrades, hints, ad blockers, new characters) or even daily offers, which work well to stimulate the consumer to carry out an action, for example an Advent calendar, with a new freebie or discount every day.


# 7: Test, Test, and Test again

We cannot emphasize this enough; A/B testing really is a must! By applying different methods you can find out which campaign works best with your target group and which conversion rate is the highest. Various tools such as SplitMatrics are available to save you time and money to in performing proficient A/B testing on your customized elements within a promotion.

# 8: Analyze the results!

Of course it is not only important to do A/B testing, but also to read the results properly. For example, the CTR rate can be more important than the original installs. Make sure you test one element at a time, so that it is clear what the results are, and that the results are not due to multiple factors.

# 9: What works?

If you have analyzed your results well, you will soon be left with an optimized campaign. The best time to launch your update is a week before Christmas, naturally without bugs!


# 10: The "Action Mouth"

The following point came as a surprise last year: the action mouth. “The Action Mouth icon that depicts both human and animated characters with an open mouth. The icons not only show teeth, but also up to + 9% extra installs."


# 11: Reward the loyal users of your app

All users are important, new or old, so do not forget to give your loyal users occasional extras, just because. You can also test which rewards are more appreciated and lead to actions through this.

# 12: Excite app users

This point does not mean that you have to make something harder for it to be exciting. Precisely by making a game or action easier during the holidays, you can ensure that people can achieve new high scores or pass a level that they have not been able to pass. If this causes them to enjoy participating in the app again, they will play more often and the loyal customers will increase. Make sure you do not make it too easy; it needs to remain slightly challenging.

# 13: Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer

If everyone changes their app for Christmas with Christmas colors or snowflake icons, it will automatically be more difficult to get noticed by being unique. So make sure you know what your competition is doing, and that you are stand out from the rest of the apps. Don’t be afraid to take everything out of the closet and get creative!

# 14: Ask an expert

Everyone has their own opinion about what they want to see during the holidays, but the numbers do not lie. So ask for help from marketing agencies or publishers what works best for their audience and target that.

# 15 Everything ready? Go for it!

The highlight for app activity in Christmas apps is a week before Christmas, and every small adjustment can make a difference. If you’re working on last minute updates, remember that nothing is too little; updating your metadata takes about 20 minutes and can already increase + 35% in the conversion rates. What are you waiting for?


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