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How can you ensure that IOS consumers in search of your app actually get directed to your app? This can be a question of traffic sources and the extent of your organic visitors, but it can also be a question answered by Apple Search Ads. Seeing as how Apple reported that a surprising 65% of mobile app downloads come directly from a search on the Apple App Store, this new channel will open doors to consumers, as well as advertisers of IOS apps to improve your chances of being viewed as well as protecting you brand.

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Apple Search Ads, in a nutshell

Apple Search Ads is, simply put, the newest channel that allows you to maintain and improve the views of your app in the Apple App Store. If you are adept with mobile app marketing, Apple Search Ads offers you the possibility of improving your search ranking, as well as helping consumers find what they’re looking for through the use of the correct keywords.

Promoting your App for Optimal Search Results

Apple Search Ads has become one of the most appreciated traffic services for iOS channels. By familiarizing itself with the most attractive and searched keywords, it strives to improve your search-ability within the App Store and increase your installs. Next to this, it also ensures that your brand is placed in the field, and not used by other competing brands for their own exposure. By using Apple Search Ads, you are theoretically trademarking your brand in the App Store, and thus ensuring that no one else can use your brand name for a higher ranking.


For example, if Nike uses one of the keywords “Adidas”, then any consumer looking for Adidas, or Nike shoes, will be redirected to Nike’s app, thus losing Adidas a potential consumer. If Adidas chooses to make use of Apple Search Ads, this will no longer be a possibility for Nike. This ensures that the right searches lead to the right brands, as well as giving your brand a name.

By making use of this service, you can can improve your app’s range, and the strength of your app’s ranking. This tool is especially attractive to users who are not at home with SEO/SEA structures to improve their advertising field. By uploading your app, or choosing the keywords you wish to rank on, it places your app on a visible location in the App Store when that keyword is searched for, Apple Search Ads will improve your search range.

While Apple Search Ads does come with a lot of pros, it naturally also retains cons. One is naturally that it is not yet available in the Netherlands! Another may be that, while Apple is known for its easy navigation, those used of Google AdWords may find Apple Search Ads to be somewhat more challenging to navigate, which leads to a lower user experience. Furthermore, Apple will simply not show your ad if you target irrelevant keywords, no matter your bid, as it chooses relevance above all others. While this could be seen as a pro as well as a con, it doesn’t improve your conversions, regardless of the amount you are offering.

What makes Apple Search Ads Attractive?

  • Respects Users’ privacy in regards to the GDPR
  • Using keywords and search data to determine where ads can appear by organic search results
  • Improves the quality of your conversion from a CPI form, to quality users
  • Apple Search Ads provides you with suggestions for relevant keywords
  • 60% - 70% of all IOS app installs originate from the app store search
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Apple Search Ads Basic or Advanced?

In order to make the most of Apple Search Ads, we suggest applying yourself to the advanced tool: Apple Search Ads Advanced, while Apple Search Ads Basic can be applied for those who wish to put more personal effort in. The advanced version is available for a higher range of countries, as well as more specific to your consumers, and allows for an unlimited budget.

The basic version allows for a wide range of options and can already optimize your search results, but the Advanced tool simply improves your experience and abilities within the app. If you are less familiar with CPI structure, we suggest sticking to the Basic version, as the Advanced service offers more, but can be overwhelming in its options.

Apple Search Ads BasicApple Search Ads AdvancedUS onlyUS, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and Switzerland.Apple predicts keywordsSelect relevant keywords and analyze most important KPIsOnly pay for installsPay for tapsGrowth Tower; a detailed guide to help you maximize resultsExtra marketing options and detailed reportsMax budget of $ 5,000 each month, use of service up to 100 appsNo limits

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