Anastazia is ASO Expert on AppTweak!

Geplaatst door Anastazia Mrozek op Oct 3, 2019 5:11:36 PM

Our own ASO guru, Anastazia, was featured as an AppTweak ASO expert last week. In addition to install acquisition, Wuzzon continues to innovate in different platforms and expand their knowledge for ways to influence the App Store ranking of apps. ASO; App Store Optimisation works perfectly for this! By getting your app examined by our ASO expert, you can find out which areas are withholding you from growing in ranking in the App Stores, and what you can do to change it!

ASO Expert?

As an ASO expert, you have to know everythin about the ins and outs of the App Store. For example, the algorithms in the Android Play Store focus on different points within the app than that of the iOS Apple App Store. By making certain metadata changes, as well as paying attention to keywords, this optimisation helps the app become more attractive for the AI algorithm. This, in turn, allows your app to show up more frequently, and higher, on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page. Thus, consumers looking for a certain service or product will have a higher chance of seeing your app as results of their search.



ASO as a Strong Foundation to Grow On

Not only does App Store Optimisation help to improve an app's ranking within the App Store, but it also increases your organic volume. By optimizing, you help the AI algorithm to be to pick up your app easier, and can therefore be shown more in the SERP's of certain keyword searches. This helps consumers to find your app as an answer to their search query. This helps your to improve your organic traffic, without having to pay for new users.

AppTweak as ASO Tool

Wuzzon's ASO expert Anastazia uses this platform to get insightful information about the status of a certain app, within their category. By changing the descriptions of the meta data, such as the app name, or the short description, one can analyse which keywords will be picked up by the algorithm within the App Store. AppTweak also allows Anastazia to see how the visuals of the app score, and how the logo compares to other competition within the same category.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Apptweak


By making use of the keywords tool, we can not only see which keywords the app ranks on now, but also the volume of said keyword; and thus how often there is searched for that specific keyword. We can also see on which keywords the competition ranks, and the difficulty ranking of these keywords.

The the use of this tool, our ASO expert can also keep track of the ranking of your app, and how adjustments influence the app ranking. Thus, you can test new keywords and adapt your metadata to fit your consumer's searches as well as possible!

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