Aye Aye, A.I. Captain!

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Last week, our CTO took an entrepreneurial leap for Wuzzon by following a course named A.I. Captain. As a captain of his own sailboat, and Chief Technology Officer within the Wuzzon team, Justin has used this course to expand the possibilities of Machine Learning within his work-related tasks. Through the use of Machine Learning, Justin will be able to easily apply filters in the Wuzzon CMS system so we can work more efficiently, and much more.

Since improvement is one of Wuzzon’s core values (see more on Wuzzon’s core Values FIRTH here), Justin has shows commitment in improving his knowledge in A.I. to stay on top of the latest innovations within this niche. Since the market of online marketing is ever expanding and diverse, innovation is of utmost importance. In this way, we can ensure that we are progressive in our knowledge basis, as well as personal development. Thanks to this A.I course, Justin has had the opportunity to learn a lot about Machine Learning, and how it could be implemented in many different ways.


What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a relatively upcoming and important development within the programming world. Although the basis for Machine Learning was already developed in the sixties, this technology did not really break through until recently, and is therefore increasingly innovative within the online market. All major contestants in the field of information technology devote a lot of attention to this technique to improve their services for this reason. Unfortunately however, it is not always clear for companies as well as software developers what the possibilities are within Machine Learning. While there is a large amount of information on Machine learning, it is more of a challenge find the right information on the correct implementation for practical purposes.

What was the Purpose behind A.I. Captain?

The A.I Captain course was compact, but also extremely functional in its transference of the possibilities of Machine Learning. The objective of the course was to write a Machine Learning code that was able to sail a certain course a within two days, even against the wind! They experimented with various Machine learning algorithms in order to discover which Machine learning technique was most applicable for the sailboats in this specific case.

By enabling the Machine Learning models to “learn” from previously stored data, such as the course, rudder position, wind speed and direction, slope of the boat, deviation in the course, etc, different Machine Learning models were formulated. A simulated competition was held at the end of the course between different algorithms made by the participants to deduce which had developed the most functioning Machine Learning model.


Furthermore, the algorithms were also tested in practice aboard a sailboat. By installing the code and Machine Learning models on an inboard computer, the Machine Learning model was able to sailboat correct the course itself through the use of an autopilot (electric motor) changing the rudder.

How can this be Applied at Wuzzon?

Wuzzon always keeps a close eye on developments in the field of Machine Learning and has thus already implemented various Machine Learning techniques in the past year. An example of what we have recently implemented validation checks for data entry.

Through the use of specific Machine Learning models, Wuzzon is able to detect whether a provided first name or surname is an existing name. In addition, Machine Learning algorithms are also used for anti-fraud detection. In the future, Wuzzon plans to use Machine Learning to optimize CPI (Cost Per Install) traffic sources.

What did you think of the A.I. Captain Course?


“The course was very successful and provided me with an abundance of new knowledge. The atmosphere between participants and instructors was comfortable, which made the overall experience quite pleasant. As I often sail myself, the theme of this course surrounding sailing addressed me personally. Both the participants as well as the instructors plan to stay in touch with each other in order to share their Machine Learning knowledge and projects.”

What did you learn from the A.I. Captain course?

“The most impressive feature that I took home was how important the quality of the data is. Without the correct data, a Machine Learning algorithm can never learn that which it was designed for. The data also often needs to be translated into a language that the algorithm can understand. In addition, it was instructive to experience the various Machine Learning algorithms in practice, and to learn how each algorithm can be used, and what it’s limitations are.”

Why is A.I. an important topic in your opinion?

“We are at the beginning of a new technological revolution. The first, second, and third industrial revolution ensured that we could outsource manual work to machines. The fourth revolution is already underway and will ensure that the more mentally intrusive activities are also taken over by technological innovations. Machine Learning is one of these adversarial innovations. When a certain company or developer does not take part in these innovations, important opportunities are missed. This is why I was extremely eager to follow this A.I. course. In particular, the hands-on oriented approach, as well as the theme of sailboats of this course.”


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