First Dutch partner of Leanplum: Wuzzon

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After an exponential growth in 2017 and 2018, Wuzzon has made the exciting decision to focus completely on the app marketing side of online marketing in 2019. By doing so, they will position themselves as a full-service App Marketing Agency, where they support consumer brands through an app over multiple verticals in app marketing. At the moment, the focus of most advertisers lies in the generation of app installs, or downloads, and focus less on the onboarding of quality users and optimizing in-app messaging to improve the involvement of active users. Through the new partnership of Wuzzon and Leanplum, they hope to improve the expectations of app advertisers.

The collaboration with Leanplum ensures, through the use of their platform, that the onboarding is completed effortlessly, whereby messages can be personalized and tailored to the recruitment campaign goals for a flawless consumer experience. The use of the Leanplum platform results in a higher lifetime value by making the investment in acquisition more scalable, and thus applying the messaging strategy to ensure that users spend more time as well as money in the app. Through A/B testing and multivariate testing, as well as pre-timed in-app messaging and/or push notifications, the customer experience can be optimized. Wuzzon’s experienced campaign managers are thus able to optimize the messaging strategies and continuously look for ways to innovate and stay on top of the best practices in in-app messaging.


Who is Leanplum?

Leanplum, founded in San Francisco, has offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia, as well as having recently opened an office in Amsterdam. This expanding company has created a mobile marketing platform for achieving more user engagement in the most effective way possible. It ensures a continuous campaign journey for an app, from start to finish. Leanplum has partnered with companies such as Tinder and Ted to meet the real-time requirements of their customers. By translating gathered data in order to communicate the needs and wishes of users, the platform delivers tested experiences to the marketers.




What does the Leanplum platform allow us to do?

This intuitive visual platform allows marketers to set up contextual campaigns over multiple channels. These can be visualized through, for example, push notifications, emails, in-app messages, app inbox notifications, and through the app user interface. Through step-by-step guidance, multi-channel detection, and customer journey analysis, Leanplum removes the ‘guess work’ in the creation process of the campaign. This can be realized through analyzing track behavior, location, and real-time data.

Leanplum is also ideal for perfecting mobile interactions with consumers, increasing the ROI (return on investment) of an app, increasing user retention and streamlining customer experience, generating revenue, automating marketing processes, experimentation, performing A/B tests, and personalizing and managing segmented marketing campaigns on the fly, with real-time data. The integrated platform of leanplum improves possibilities for the management of standalone suppliers for push notification, A/B tests, and in-app elements. Through the use of the complete optimization solution and added support for email, Leanplum also helps to provide an efficient app experience to provide millions of new connections.

At Leanplum, transparency is of paramount importance, where all the collected data can be shared, as well as stored. Leanplum also features a Sandbox Environment, which entails a screened area where you can test and ‘play’ with the multiple features without disturbing existing processes. When you test new possibilities within this enclosed environment, you disallow possible viruses or other harmful programmes to interfere with your digital environment.

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