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During the quarterly team building session, we created a visualization of what Wuzzon stands for. Through the guidance and creative skills of Ink Strategy, we were provided a growing tree with a clear visualisation of Wuzzon’s core values and features. With the use of this Wuzzon tree, we can now easily provide an explanation of our goals for the future, and point out what makes Wuzzon Wuzzon. With the sun in our face and a view of the horizon with 1 billion Smiles in 2030, we are convinced that our Wuzzon tree will continue to grow!

Wuzzon_final1 (2)

At the base of the Wuzzon Tree

Wuzzon was created more than 10 years ago as just a seedling with a lot of ambition when Louise and Brigitta decided to extend their dream into a company. They chose to offer a service where advertisers can easily and productively come into contact with the right consumers for their products or services, and make both parties happy. Although the competition was large in the marketing world, their positive and sunny approach allowed our Wuzzon seedling to grow rapidly. In no time, they had a database of publishers, also known as affiliates, and created a team that analyse conversion and leads.


A lot has changed over the years, and our Wuzzon plant has continued to grow into a full, flowering tree, while the base has remained the same. Wuzzon offers a partnership with advertisers as well as publishers, in which we play a role as a guide helping you to explore the marketing jungle and allowing to reach your consumers. By deploying many different sources, Wuzzon has been able to create a varied forest, while maintaining plenty of room for our roots to expand and grow.

The see-through base of the Wuzzon tree represents our operational transparency. Even after the implementation of the GDPR, Wuzzon continues to offer advertisers, publishers, and consumers every opportunity to maintain control over their own personal data. This results in quality leads, and hence allow us to continue working with a “no cure, no pay” model.

Climb the Wuzzon Tree with us!

Over the years Wuzzon has grown into a strong tree, with a solid foundation and much more room for further growth. The branches have expanded to support the core values of Wuzzon: our 5 V’s in Dutch, which we have translated to the acronym FIRTH in English. FIRTH stands for Freedom, Responsibility, Improvement, Trust, and Happiness. These have each received their own platform in our tree house, as well as their own bird. FIRTH is mainly used for and by the Wuzzon team, but also very applicable for our partners.



Freedom: Freedom works hand in hand with responsibility. Wuzzon believes in granting everyone freedom, so that they can find their own workflow for works best for them. This brings out the best in everyone and creates room for personal development. Freedom also offers us the room to be creative, without restrictions and regulations. The hummingbird thus stands for freedom: as free as a bird!


Improvement: Since Wuzzon is a company in an ever expanding and innovating market, it is important to keep growing. We have enough opportunities to increase our knowledge, and to expand the possibilities for improving our experiences. Through this, we can continue to develop ourselves, take on challenges, and resume innovating so that we remain at the forefront of this competitive market. We always work on improving our contacts, as well as the quality of our conversions. By making use of our creativity, we are able to come up with new and out-of-the-box solutions to any problem. Our owl also helps remind us that you are never too old to learn!


Responsibility: We fully understand that we, as a marketing performance agency, have quite a few responsibilities: sensitive personal data, properly working links, quality control, promotional timing, email quality, and so on. We take this, together with the GDPR, extremely serious. In addition, we feel that it is our responsibility to create Smiles in this world, which is why we are continuously working towards reaching 1 billion Smiles. With enough sunlight and water, our Wuzzon tree thrives! Our bird for responsibility is the stork, which speaks for itself, as our tasks are our responsibility, and we take good care of them.


Trust: Trust is an important factor in every relationship, but also just as important in a business relationship. Trust in others, in what you do, in that it will all work out, and don’t forget to provide trust for others. Help each other out, and don’t be afraid to ask for help so that we can work through it together. Since our office is located in Amsterdam, we fully trust in the city pigeon to get in the way of our bikes.


Happiness: Last but certainly not least, the last FIRTH is happiness. Wuzzon is a company that loves positivity. We work from a positive perspective, and think in opportunities instead of problems. An office full of bright colours, green plants, (and the Wuzzon Bingo) brings the sunshine to the office. Our journey to reach 1 billion smiles does not only apply to consumers, advertisers, and publishers, but also to our employees. We want everyone to smile! This keeps everyone motivated and enthusiastic, and lets them do what they love. The parrot shows our festive and sunny side.

FIRTH helps us form a strong basis on which we Wuzzoners can always fall back on, as well as implement them into our work. This allows us to continue growing upwards, and expand out roots to get close to the horizon of 1 billion Smiles.

Let’s WuzzOn!


With this visualization of the core values of Wuzzon, we hope to shine a little more light on who we are and what we stand for. Smiles are very prominent in this artwork, and this is no coincidence, as our motto is also “Ouw work makes you smile”! If we do our job, you should go home with a smile on your face at the end of the day, which will help us reach our goal of achieving 1 billion Smiles before 2030!

Happy promoting!

Team Wuzzon

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