What are your App Marketing challenges of 2020?

Geplaatst door Natasja Borgstede op Mar 6, 2020 2:20:40 PM

February 5th 2020 we organized a Roundtable. We joined forces with Adjust and Notifica.re to connect the world of App Marketing. 

Together with Adjust and Notifica.re we invited our customers to discuss and give advice on app marketing and growth. In total there were 60 attendees, who all were in different phases of mobile marketing.  

The Roundtable started with a short presentation by Notifica.re and Louise. In this presentation the question, what are your main challenges for 2020, was asked. Below you can see the responses of the attendees.

Schermafbeelding 2020-03-06 om 12.28.31

After the short presentation it was time to get started on the actual Roundtable. At every table, advice was given and the challenges were discussed, based on app marketing and technical development. 

Below you can watch the aftermovie of the Roundtable for a nice impression of the successful day. 


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