Why API connectivity is important for custom reporting, dashboards, and automatization?

Geplaatst door Chandan Mehta op Mar 27, 2020 12:15:00 PM

API connections make it possible and scalable to do mass optimizations on keywords. But also allows to manage budgets and CPIs. 


Because of API connectivity, it’s possible to build several custom dashboards based on the data from different platforms and combine this with data from other channels as well as the third-party attribution platform such as Adjust and Appsflyer. Since both platforms are self attributing networks, there often is a bit of discrepancy between the numbers in Google/Apple versus the attribution. 


When data is combined from all different sources we can optimize the media spend across different channels based on the clients desired KPIs. Combining it with the attribution party insights will allow for instance to see that certain keywords are pretty expensive to get new users, but that they are more loyal and or higher spenders. These outcomes are taken into account for bidding strategies. To do this manually can be quite time consuming and challenging.