Why it’s important to ASO ASAP!

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App Store Optimization, or ASO, is often compared to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) due to it’s similar name. Still, other than the fact that they both focus on search platforms, they should be approached quite differently, and require different strategies. SEO focuses more on online web traffic and searches, while ASO focuses completely on apps, so purely on app platforms such as the Apple App Store, and the Android Google Play. So what are the important factors in ASO, and why would you spend time on it when you’ve got an app that is already performing well?

Small Changes, Big Impact

Since app stores work with algorithms and machine learning, even the smallest changes can make a big impact in your search volume, visibility, and app ranking. In a branch where approximately 6,000 Android apps are being released per day, it is important to stay on top of the game, and ahead of the competition. However, it is important to make changes that matter, and not too often, as all changes mean updates. The keywords you use can make you rank higher, as well as rank with your competitors. Your use of the title and short description can help you in searches. Your metadata can lead curious consumers to download and use the app. Your reviews, and responses to reviews, can convince distrusting consumers.

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Going organic is always healthy

Whether you are looking to gain new users purely through organic traffic, search ads such as Google Ads or Apple Search Ads, or app marketing bureaus, it is important to have a strong foundation to build upon. Having an app that is completely up to date in regards to App Store Optimization gives you all the building blocks for the best traffic. Instead of throwing money at the promotion of an app that users are not enthusiastic to download, your organic growth and ranking through ASO can make your app more attractive for users. After all, first impressions count. Thus, by making your app ASO friendly, the rest will be more likely to perform smoothly too.

ASO helping you ASA

Having your app completely optimized for the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store will not only help your app be ranked and found online, but can also open many options in Apple Search Ads. Since your app has been completely optimized to the store that you are planning to advertise in, the next logical step would be to advertise in this optimized platform. Since ASA is a relatively new phenomenon, this is an ideal time to step in, and be ahead of your competitors. In regards to Google Ads, you can also advertise through mobile internet as well as in-app searches. With an optimized app, the algorithms in the App Stores as well as the search algorithms are more likely to score your app higher, and thus grant you quality traffic.

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Perhaps most importantly: the users that will see your advertisements through search advertisements are those who are already searching for competitors names, or for common keywords. This entails that they are already interested in the services/products that your apps offer, and thus more likely to be, and remain, active users even after downloading the app.

ASO, set-up for success

All in all, by completely optimizing your app according to ASO, you can’t lose. Your app will organically start to rank higher, consumers will be able to find your app better in searches, and you will be able to improve the ranking of your app through the keywords from competitors, and ride on their wave. By staying up to date with the new possibilities in improving your app ranking, you an put less effort into making, and keeping, your app in all the top charts. After all, building a project on weak foundations can only lead to more work.

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