Wuzzon is granted the Golden Security Certificate from the DDMA

Geplaatst door Anastazia Mrozek op May 28, 2018 5:16:16 PM

Last week the new GDPR legislation was implemented, resulting in the abundance of information about data protection and privacy statements. For Wuzzon this is a welcome enforcement as we have been working behind the scenes for months to ensure that we are fully compliant. For this reason we are now happy to report that the audit of the DDMA (the Dutch Information Commissioner’s Office) has been successful and that Wuzzon is now in possession of the Golden Privacy Guarantee certificate.


In a world filled with sites and apps asking permission to share your data, such as location, contacts, and pictures, companies are now required to enforce the protection of data. The DDMA audit tests, amongst others, whether internal processes concerning data security, protocols, and processing registers are in order. The successful completion of this audit has thus rewarded Wuzzon with the golden privacy guarantee status to ensure the data protection and transparency for users.

What is the GDPR?

The GDPR is a new legislation through which the personal data of EU citizens is better protected. The GDPR ensures transparency, confidentiality, and responsibility of data protection for the users.

The strict expectations of the GDPR also ensure that companies keep up with the times and recognize their responsibility over the possession of personal data. The GDPR further assures the right for accessing information about, correcting, or removing your personal data.


What does the GDPR change at Wuzzon?

Since Wuzzon has always considered privacy a priority, the adjustments necessary for the GDPR did not cost us as much time expected. Few adjustments were necessary in order to receive a gold security certificate from the DDMA. Wuzzon has however, increased the awareness for the transparency of user’s data and customized as well as revised agreements with publishers and advertiser in order to comply to the GDPR fully.

Wuzzon’s CTO Justin Westerveld furthermore fine tuned internal processes and security policies, and led the entire team as privacy officer to assure the golden status in this new legislation. The DDMA’s gold security certificate ensures that users can receive transparency in regard to the safety of their provided personal data. Thus, anyone can request information about their data, or opt out simply by sending an email to contact@wuzzon.com.


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