Wuzzon receives FD Gazellen Award for the 2nd time!

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Wuzzon is very pleased to announce that we are one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands in 2018, as announced by the FD. On Tuesday, November 5th, Wuzzon received the FD Gazellen award of 2018; quite an achievement given that they sharpened their criteria over the last year. This award confirms once again that we are on track of our goals, and also increases our ambition to be back on the list again next year.

FD Gazellen 2018

New Criteria

The FD Gazellen Award is a prize awarded to entrepreneurs who have achieved a turnover growth of at least 20% over the past three years, uninterrupted. To qualify for the FD Gazellen Award, Wuzzon had to explain and prove how they are focused on innovation and growth, together with a stable financial base for the past three years.

What has Wuzzon experience in the past 3 year?

A lot has changed in recent years at Wuzzon. In a nutshell; colleagues came and went, the GDPR was implemented, the office moved to the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal in Amsterdam, we targeted our focus more towards mobile app marketing, Brigitta and Louise are in The Next Women to Watch list, the weekly Wuzzon Bingo was created, and we are still always looking for new marketing enthusiasts willing to support our growing network. Our main mission, however, has remained the same throughout the years: searching for smiles to reach our ultimate goal: 1 billion Smiles in 2030!

By participating in the Accelerator Netherlands program of Entrepreneurs Organization, Wuzzon continued to accelerate, as well as increase their growth. Louise (co-founder) says: “The learning from the Scaling Up method provide meeting schematics, a clear vision and mission, and grants the ability to recruit and retain the best people.”

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What does te FD Gazellen Award mean for Wuzzon?

The FD Gazellen Award is an honour, and motivates Wuzzon even more to continue developing ourselves so that we can thus improve ourselves. Louise add: “Wuzzon is on a mission to collect 1 billion Smiles, from consumers who come into contact with our campaigns, our advertisers, publishers, to our employees. [...] In my personal opinion, our continuous developments, knowledge gathering, and optimization make all the difference for our customers. I am happy with the results through our hard work, but always make sure that there is also enough time for jokes and personal attention.”

What will Wuzzon be doing in the future?

This is a surprise of course! Still, one of our main goals will be continuing on this path of improvement. We are working on expanding our team to become the best app marketing agency in the Netherlands. With customers such as Centraal Beheer Achmea, Thuisbezorgd, and Zalando, we are convinced that we are on the right path. “Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, and today is a gift, that is why it is called the present”.

Happy promoting,

Team Wuzzon


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