Wuzzon’s QuARRRterly Session

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Last week Wuzzon went on a treasure hunt for their Quarterly meeting. During this Quarterly Meeting, we discussed the opportunities and struggles of the past quarter, as well as possible opportunities or struggles for the next quarter. After a serious morning session, we set off for a team building session. This quarter’s meeting included the theme Pirates, as we were on a search for the marketing treasure (great quality sources) as well as scoping out pirates who send poor quality traffic.

All Aboard the Morning Session

In the world of app marketing, it is easy to miss the boat. Due to the fast paced advancements, it is imperative that we continue to innovate and stay up-to-date with the newest developments. In the past quarter, our tech team set up a new backend system, called WuzzTrack, which grants us more opportunities in regards to data collection, automization, analysis, and the set-up of campaigns.

Wuzzon Morning Sessions

Furthermore, we discussed new opportunities as an app marketing agency, with more focus towards an umbrella deal, wherein we would cover all app marketing opportunities. This entails App Store Optimisation, Apple Search Ads, Universal App Campaigns, social media marketing, in-app marketing, mobile web marketing, etc. This would allow advertisers with little to no app-marketing knowledge to make use of a package deal.

Naturally, we also discussed what we believe our publishers, as well as advertisers are looking for. Similarly, improvement opportunities within our daily responsibilities through reports, visuals, and even a bit of artificial intelligence were also brainstormed, so that we can remain flexible and adapt easily to changes in the market.

Wuzzon Morning Session 2.0

Heave Ho, away we Go

After our morning presentations and brainstorming session, and a hearty lunch, we all hoisted the sails and started our treasure hunt. After answering questions about our advertisers, publishers, and daily activities, Team 1 won their first treasure map, showing the route to island The Shell on the Gooimeer.

Wuzzon Treasure Map

Once on The Shell island, they followed the trail through the trees to the second question area, where questions about IOS were asked. Team 2 won this round, and found the treasure map in the apple tree for the next questioning area. There they received the Android related questions, and found the next treasure map in the bushes looking for Bugdroids. The final treasure map brought them to the “How well do you know your crew?” session, where they had to guess which answers to personal questions belonged to whom. After the team building sessions, the pirate crew sailed to a harbour and other island to the start of a real pirate’s treasure: the barbeque!

Wuzzon Treasure Map 2.0

Hoist the Sails!

Back on dry land, we starting setting up our new goals and new milestones to help us on our journey. New KPIs were created, and new rocks were made SMART. Now we’re in July and ready to take on the next three months!

Wuzzon Sailing

Test your knowledge? Find the answers at the bottom!

IOS Questions:

1. What does IOS stand for?

  1. Interactive Operating Smartphone
  2. Internetwork Operating System
  3. International Online Setup

2. What did the first Apple computer logo depict?

  1. Robots walking in an apple orchard
  2. An apple with a “byte” taken out
  3. Isaac Newton under an apple tree
  4. An apple with a ring around it

3. All iPhone adverts have the same …… depicted:

  1. Time on screen
  2. Colours of screen background
  3. Date on screen
  4. Placement of the Apple logo

4. Why was Apple called so by Steve Jobs?

  1. He ate so many apples as a fruitarian
  2. He believed that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree
  3. He found that apples signified technological breakthroughs
  4. He got the idea when someone threw an apple at his head

5. What was the codename for the first iPhone project from Apple?

  1. Green
  2. Yellow
  3. Orange
  4. Purple

6. How many IOS apps were released on average, per day in 2017?

  1. 5936
  2. 4613
  3. 3128
  4. 2054

7. IOS users are different from Android users in that they are:

  1. More likely to make in-app purchases
  2. More likely to update apps
  3. More loyal to the iPhone brand
  4. All of the above

8. Apple and Samsung had a lawsuit about:

  1. Apple Earpods
  2. Apple lightning charger
  3. Apple processor
  4. Apple Ipad

9. The iPhone display was originally designed for plastic, but changed to glass because:

  1. Steve Jobs’ keys scratched the plastic display
  2. Steve Jobs wanted to steer away from plastic Nokia phones
  3. Steve Jobs didn’t like the plastic look
  4. Steve jobs wanted to use only recyclable plastic, or not at all

10. The iPhone was named Invention of the Year by Time Magazine in:

  1. 2005
  2. 2007
  3. 2009
  4. 2011

Android Questions:

1. Android OS wasn’t originally made for Smartphone, what was it made for?

  1. Tablet
  2. Camera
  3. Drone
  4. Computer

2. All android versions, with exception of Android 1.0 and 1.1 are named after:

  1. Candy and Desserts
  2. Trees and Plants
  3. Farm animals
  4. Colours

3. What does the word Android mean?

  1. An ancient magician, or “Druids” from the past
  2. A take on word Androgeen, the chemical buildup of testosterone
  3. An acronym for the words Amoled, Network, Development, Reception, Operating, Interface, and Device
  4. A male robot with a human appearance

4. Most android apps are free, but the average price if not is on average:

  1. $ 1.50
  2. $ 1.10
  3. $ 0.60
  4. $ 0.30

5. Android’s logo isn’t called Android, Google officially named it:

  1. Bugdroid
  2. Antroid
  3. Godroid
  4. Caterpillar (as a joke to Apple)

6. How many Android apps were released to Google Play, per day, in 2017?

  1. 3,500
  2. 2,500
  3. 1,500
  4. 500

7. What is the biggest achievement of Google on Android Phones, according to Google?

  1. Google Documents
  2. Gmail
  3. Google Play Store
  4. Google Maps

8. Android controls how much of the world smartphone market?

  1. 88%
  2. 72%
  3. 63%
  4. 54%

9. Every Android has an Easter Egg, what is it?

  1. Download a paid app in top 10 from the Play Store for free
  2. Personalise your Google Assistant to your own voice
  3. A candy game after pressing app version multiple times
  4. A personal Bugdroid that you can take care of

10. The first Android prototype looked like:

  1. A nokia
  2. An iPod
  3. A Blackberry
  4. An iPhone

IOS Answers:

B, C, A, A, D, D, D, C, A

Android Answers:

B, A, D, C, A, B, D, A, C, C


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